GetLyte - Community Weight Management

The aim of the program is to:



Demonstrate the ease and simplicity of adopting a healthier lifestyle


Support you in your weight loss goals including the Lyfinity target of 5% body weight


Support you in applying the necessary life changes needed to achieve your personal targets and full potential.


GetLyte is run by our team of fitness and nutritional leaders with ongoing support from our specialist wellbeing mentors.

Personal Support from our Wellbeing Mentor throughout the Program.


Lyfinity Fitness Class

The lyfinity fitness course is a progressive exercise programme which has been individually tailored by the fitness instructor to suit all levels of ability and fitness.

Lyfinity Nutritional Session

Led by a Lyfinity dietician, the Lyfinity nutritional programme provides participants with invaluable knowledge and skills to make following a healthy diet fun, exciting and simple.

All participants on the GetLyte Program will recieve
the full Lyfinity Starter Pack


With the following contents:


Backpack, T-Shirt, Towel, Water Bottle, Pen,
Wristband, Notepad, Folder

lyfinity starter pack

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